Our facility has a considerable market share in the industry by producing 15.000 kg/day ring-spun yarn with a capacity of 24.000 spindles in a modern indoor area of 16.000 m2. In our plant, Compact Ring Carded Yarn between Ne 8/1 - Ne 40/1, Compact Ring Combed Cotton Yarn between Ne 8/1 - Ne 50/1 and Compact Ring Carded and Combed Cotton Slub between Ne 10/1 – Ne 40/1 are produced in the knitting and weaving torsion. We supply our blending and carding machines, combs, draw frame, combed cotton preparation and combed cotton machines, fly and ring spinning machines from RIETER; winding machines from SCHLAFHORST and MURATA. All of our winding machines are equipped with USTER QUANTUM 2. We have two LOPTEX machines to control the contamination of raw cotton. Our air-conditioning plants and infrastructure were designed by LUWA AG (Switzerland), and machinery and equipment are supplied by LUWAGG. RIETER-G33 yarn machines produce yarns in accordance with international quality standards in fully-equipped laboratories and with trained personnel in our plant that complies with international standards. The laps from the combing preparation machine are automatically transported to the comber with no loss of time and without disrupting the production line by the SERVOLAP fully-automated lap transportation system. Produced fibres are first conditioned with the XORELLA yarn conditioning machine, then packaged and made available-to-promise.