Our dyeing-finishing project is an investment that comprises of four different facilities and four different stages. The first stage consists of exhaust dyeing that is dyeing, bleaching and washing in HT kiers. Since April 2015, we serve with a capacity of 30 ton/day. We increased our daily capacity to 50.000 kg with additional investments made in 2017. The second stage is divided into continuous bleaching and pad-batch dyeing. Continuous bleaching was put into operation in July 2016 and serves with daily capacity of 20.000 kg. We are planning to put pad-batch dyeing into use. We project to put into action the third stage in 2019 which is Rotary Screen Printing and Digital Printing. For the fourth stage, we have the investment project of yarn and fibre dyeing. While making these investments, we do not compromise on our environmental consciousness. All our dyeing kiers are from the Italian brand BRAZZOLI, stenter machines are from BRUCKNER, relax dryers are from SANTEX and sanforising machines are from FERRARO. All the machines from our machine park are from brands that are connoisseurs in their fields.

Our biological and chemical treatment work full-time with a capacity of 4.000 m3/day. Our heat recovery system is actively working throughout the plant. We do not discharge any chemical that is harmful to the environment. The filter in the kier of our steam power station is a double operation electrostatic filter.

We are company that shows the utmost care for the ecological balance in the Kahramanmaraş region, is environmentally conscious and produces the electricity that is used in our firm in our own power plant.