'Loyalty' visit from students

'Loyalty' visit from students

Mahmut Arıkan, the charitable businessman from Kahramanmaraş, was paid a surprise visit from students and teachers at the Imam Hatip middle school and high school that he had built in the name of his father Osman Arıkan and endowed to the state two years ago. Arıkan, overwhelmed with emotions during the visit, thanked the teachers and the students respectively. Fatih Gündeş, the Principal of Hacı Osman Arıkan Imam Hatip Middle School, stating that this month's theme is 'loyalty' as part of the 'values of Kahramanmaraş' project, said: ''We deemed it suitable to pay Mahmut Arıkan a visit with our teachers and students, who had the most modern and biggest school in Kahramanmaraş built.'' Arıkan, emphasising that the most charitable work is any investment made into the youth, children and education, said: 'The aim of our schools is to prepare you, our dear students, for life and the future. Thanks to schools built by the private sector, we are stepping towards a better-educated generation and a more developed Turkey.'


'Loyalty' visit from students

'Loyalty' visit from students

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