Hacı Osman Efendi (ARIKAN) was born in Kahramanmaraş in 1910.

In his childhood and adolescence, in addition to his elementary and high school education, he furthered himself scientifically, socially and culturally by joining the circles of scholars such as Sandalzade Osman Efendi, Hafız Ali Efendi, Şakir Efendi, Dayızade Ziya Efendi and Müderris Ali Efendi.

When her mother was martyred in the years of the independence war for Maraş during the national struggle, he was only ten years old. He always talked proudly about being the son of a martyr.

He witnessed the Independence War and served in the army in Gallipoli in the Second World War.

Hacı Osman ARIKAN, was a unique figure, raised in the 20th c., that left his mark on the century, got involved in the many political, social and economic issues of Kahramanmaraş, and had a say in these matters.

He started his business life at a very young age with a small capital. At Maraş Industry and Commerce Enterprises Turkish Joint Stock Company, one of the first industrial enterprises of the Republic, he took his first step to enter the industrial sector, and with the founding of flour and cotton gin factories, he brought industrialism to top.

Hacı Osman Arıkan, the founding president of ''Maraş Commerce Exchange'', also participated in the establishment of companies such as Maraş Food Industry, MARYEM and Tüsan as cofounder. He also took charge in various social and vocational organisations as founding member, such as the Social Solidarity Foundation and the Chamber of Agriculture.

The founder of the first hotel in the city, ''Çeltik Palas'', Arıkan held the title of the highest tax payer in Maraş for a long time.

He entered the textile industry when he founded ARIKAN TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. in 1990.

He was the first to bring crawler tractor and combine harvester to Maraş and became the greatest agriculturalist of his time by planting 15.000-20.000 acres of paddy.

In addition to his business life, Hacı Osman ARIKAN was also involved in politics. He was a council member in the municipality. He undertook major efforts for the country to develop economically, socially and culturally.

He gave financial and moral support to social, cultural associations and societies operating in Kahramanmaraş in his lifetime.

The late Osman Arıkan was popularly known as a charitable person.

Besides his conservative and modest personality, he had an open mind, was determined, brave, honest and foresighted. He strongly avoided extravagance and vanity.

This exceptional person, whose lead can be followed in every aspect, this great human, passed away in 11 September 1999.

May he rest in peace.